Breakthrough Solutions (E-Book)

With forward-thinking citizens like you and Breakthrough Solutions that already exist and are revealed in this book, positive change is possible.  Together we can…

-  Put America back to work and combat environmental problems by creating the  jobs of the future.

-  Educate inner-city youth so they can develop their potential and break the cycle of poverty and violence.

-  Help hardened criminals turn their lives around and become productive members of society, reducing crime and saving our tax dollars.

-  End poverty and enable poor people to earn a livelihood and live in dignity.

Practical, proven programs exist today that show us how these and other miracles can happen, for the same or less money than we currently spend.  The key is getting these solutions out to the world.  That’s the mission of this book and YOU can be part of that mission!

 “Eleanor LeCain reminds us that we can solve problems and create a better world.  Her excellent book highlights solutions that are inspirational and workable.”

                                             - Jim McGovern, Congressman, Massachusetts


"Breakthroughs are what we need at all levels, and that is exactly what this amazing book provides."

                                             - Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State, Minnesota


"If you want to improve your own life or transform your community – whether you care about positive parenting, creating green jobs, stopping violence or ending poverty – read this book and be inspired!"

                                             - Senator Nan Orrock (Georgia)


“A must-read for policymakers at all levels of government!”

                                             - David Orentlicher, former State Representative, Indiana


Order this book and put these breakthrough solutions to work for you today!

Breakthrough Solutions (E-Book)
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